Mommy, I want to be a doctor when I grow up! I want to be a football player when I grow up!

Chances are every parent has heard this from their children. But what do we do when we hear these proclamations? You may be a well educated individual who has an idea about the educational landscape and what degrees are required for what profession from your own student days. The landscape today however is entirely unrecognizable and more competitive than ever before. In addition to competition however there is also more opportunity than ever before.

This is where CareerLauncher's 24+ years of experience in unlocking the potential in over a million students comes in. Aspration.ai is the culmination of that vast experience in adding value to students and families. Aspiration provides a detailed and comprehensive view of the educational landscape today so that parents can guide their children with confidence.

Aspiration is for the whole family to get involved in and systematically build awareness in yourself, in careers, opportunities, colleges and even hobbies. It truly is for the 21st century youth and the 21st century family. We hope that Aspiration can help you set and achieve your aspirations!